This post is in response to an e-mail I’ve received. I’m trying to outline the near-term roadmap for 2021.

Ideas and Visions

On the one hand it seems to be mature and complete. On the other hand there also show up a lot of potential things to improve.

The vision for what I want to achieve is best summarized in the workflow document. It won’t be about requirements tracking solely, but also about software life-cycle.

I think there are a couple of things needed to make it feature-complete. Probably not a conclusive list, and partially already covered here:

  • Multi-Document Traceability
  • More traceability inputs in general
    • Currently merely pytest xunit
  • Possibly markdown requirements instead of latex
    • this opens up a whole list of new options
    • convert documents using pandoc


This is in the same vein

Fork’s Origin

The fork happend more by accident as I was toying with flit and didn’t want the install from a github repository anymore. The end-goal is to merge it back, but that might just be too big a task.