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sltoo extends rmtoo—a text based requirements tracking tool—with traceability features and Excel import and export. It’s a CLI tool that will generate PDF outputs amongst other.


Engineering teams that need to collect and track requirements with a low barrier to entry and means to communicate with non-technical stakeholders.

Teams that need to follow a document driven development process, e.g., V-Model.


  • Manage requirements
  • Create traceability
  • Store everything in human-readable text files.
    • and track them with your version-control of choice

Key Features

  • Requirements shipped with code
    • Including relational meta-information
  • Traceability matrix automated
    • Continuously updated documentation
  • Document Versioning (baselining)

Getting Started

Download the example Excel sheet and modify to your needs.

After a first iteration, download the template project ZIP file, copy the previous Excel sheet to the import folder and run the./ See the proposed workflow.


The reference implementation is used a demonstration:

The generated documents are the architecture specification and requirement specification. See Reference Implementation.


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